Aquamid is a unique soft volume filler with immediate results and, unlike temporary fillers, these results will not disappear or fade over time. It is biocompatible and non-allergenic and its high water content makes the treated area look and feel incredibly soft and natural.


Natural look and feel

Secret in its subtleness Aquamid® perfects the way you look by contouring the face, adding extra volume where desired, like your lips, or restoring lost volume to your face.

Volume is one of the secrets behind a beautiful face as volume beneath the skin is inevitably lost as the body ages, resulting in the effects we traditionally associate with ageing – such as wrinkles and folds. A beautiful youthful appearance can only be re-established if volume is replaced.

With Aquamid® you can rejuvenate your appearance by restoring lost volume and smoothing away deeper wrinkles and folds from beneath, enjoying a fresher, more youthful appearance. It’s that simple.

But it’s not just about anti-ageing. You can also use Aquamid® to enhance the contours of your face in other ways. Create the high cheekbones or nose you’ve always dreamed of, or enhance your lips for a more sensual mouth by adding extra volume.

It is extremely soft – so you can neither see nor feel it’s there. You’ll just look and feel fresher and better – and no one need know why!


Harmony between Aquamid® and your body

The secret of harmony Aquamid® is a hydrogel that feels and behaves like it is a natural part of your own body. It consists of 97.5 % water and 2.5% polyacrylamide and becomes completely integrated with your body’s own tissue. The volume it supplies remains in place beneath the skin in harmony with your body.

With Aquamid®, what you see is what you get. The hydrogel does not contain any micro-particles, which means that the filling effect comes from the gel itself – not from a foreign body reaction to the micro-particles. Therefore, Aquamid® does not create tissue hardening or fibrosis.

The volume injected is equivalent to the final result and enables your physician to correct your looks with precision. A slight swelling might occur after injection, but will disappear after a few days.

Aquamid® is a watery gel. Once injected in the tissue it continuously exchanges water between the hydrogel and the surrounding tissue. With time the gel becomes vascularised enabling access to the immune system.

Proven Lasting Satisfaction

A beauty secret you can really keep

Aquamid® has a proven track record for safety and lasting satisfaction based on seven years of experience and more than 400 000 treatments administered.

With Aquamid® you can experience great results without surgery. The results you get are not only instant. They last as well. Aquamid® has clinically proven aesthetic satisfaction for years.

In a long-term clinical trial with Aquamid®, physicians judged the aesthetic results at one, two, four and five years after as very good or good in more than 90% of the patients. Furthermore, more than 90% of the patients were either very satisfied or satisfied at the one, two, four and five year-follow-up.